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Our Balanced Earth foundation manifests facilities that provide 3 facets to Lifestyle and Livelihood:

Come co-create this vision together.  Join one or more of the initiatives.

The nature kingdoms need their champions to help redress the balance that has been upset by man. However, true balance is not a position of rigidity but one of great ease, a flowing with every moment, giving, taking and adjusting, constantly seeking oneness.

The Findhorn Garden

Here is a 7 minute video with founder, Kirsten, explaining ‘Why Balanced Earth? Why today?’.   Good quick intro of what we are about and the journey taken to get to where we are at today.  Support, donations and awesome likeminded people are welcome to get involved!

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We have live webinars, online coaching, news and articles, and Learning events such as Retreats and courses.  Get involved today.  Join our Facebook Group

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Our ambition and timely vision is to together acquire land and facilities for people to not have the stress and pressure in returning to a Balanced Earth.  You can help create this now with a Donation.

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BE methodology

Live in Balance

Create immediate change in your Life by learning the BE Methodology which can transform your state of BEing to joy, contentment while transforming your life by BEing in work and a lifestyle you dream of.

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Learn in Balance

Come to our BE Learning Eco-Retreats or Webinars to explore and learn new skills both practical and inner skills such as gardening, building, eco-technology, BE methodology, parenting, birthing, relationships.  Our Learning is embedded in ways to support a Balanced Earth.


Innovations in Balance

Explore BE technology and Eco-Cottage ideas so that work and Livelihood can once again be in Balance with the Earth.  View our news, posts, webinars and events with leading innovators.  Share your ideas here too!


Lifestyle in Balance

Come visit our Eco-Village facilities to seriously explore a Lifestyle in Nature – Balanced with the Earth, for both you and your family.  Come for 1 day visits to volunteering to immersing in our culture to possibly living in a Balanced Eco-Village one day!

Svetlanas radical change from luxury to ecovillage living


We interviewed Svetlana as the largest ‘Anastasia’ Ecovillage in Russia – an inspiring woman who has radically changed her life since learning about the ever growing (220+) Anastasia inspired ecovillage movement in Russia.  From a Dubai rich lifestyle of modelling to simple organic living.  This is a great quick 6 minute video to show the radical changes which quickly bring happiness – such as what we are visioning at BALANCED EARTH.

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Bamboo Culture: A future worth sharing, TEDx talk

TEDx – BAMBOO – ECO Building & Craft Ideas

Here is a TEDx talk given by the founder, Kirsten, about visioning a future – with bamboo as a key ingredient of our lives.  4 years ago, Kirsten learnt ‘from scratch’, everything about bamboo.  She travelled, learnt and organised tours/workshops in Asia with her company – bellobamboo.com  and was later invited to be the MC of the first World Bamboo Congress in Vietnam.   We hope this video inspires you to know that at any moment you can vision and create a Livelihood (work, hobby) more aligned to Balance with the Earth and your soul.

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See our Aug-Sept Journey to Russia, Scotland & Italy Eco-villages!

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In August & September 2015, founder Kirsten Daly, visited 2 Eco-village Eco-Retreat centres that most inspire us:  Russia and Scotland, Findhorn.  She also visited Damanhur in Italy.

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